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Reflecting on my first month at Print Creative

By September 13, 2019November 6th, 2020No Comments

Josh recently joined the Print Creative team as a Junior Graphic Designer. After his first week in the job, he reflects on his experience so far…

I’d recently graduated from Birmingham City University and didn’t have an idea of ‘what’s next’. I’d been involved in the D&AD New Blood Festival in July as an exhibitor and met some great people and got to show off my work, but I knew London wasn’t for me. I’d found a Junior post position on Print Creative’s website and thought “why not go for it?”.

After interviewing with Marc and Sami I was invited in for a morning brief to meet the rest of the team and see how I would get on. Being my first position in the creative industry after graduating, I was nervous but also excited to show the potential I have and the skills I’d learned at university. I’d been given a brief to create a logo mark which was right up my street, the team were very welcoming, and we shared ideas while I was there for the morning.

I then waited for the phone call. To my surprise it was the same evening, I’d got the job! I asked Marc when he wanted me to start, he replied ‘We’ve had a brief come in which would be perfect for you, how about tomorrow?’ – talk about throwing me in the deep end! I agreed and 9am the next day I was started work at Print Creative.

Being new to the creative industry life, I have a lot to learn about project management, learning the clients and customers, understanding how an agency runs and most importantly, remembering how everyone takes their tea.

The working environment is similar to how I’ve been working for the last three years, stress-free (most of the time), sociable, collaborative and knowing that anyone in the team is willing to help if asked, even if it is a silly question. The first month has been amazing so far, I’ve already gained valuable skills and still have a lot left to learn. Working at Print Creative is definitely a great way to kick-start my creative career and I look forward to the rest of my time with the team!

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