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Welcome to the greyrabbit mindfulness associate programme.

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We currently provide a wide range of services to organizations at the very forefront of modern mindfulness research and training. We clearly understand the requirement for a simple, dynamic, and cost-effective route to market in the ever-evolving digital world and are perfectly positioned to help you place yourself front and centre within it.

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We are design and user experience experts. Our products are developed with your customers journey in mind. We have spent years developing our business into a full-service agency that does not need to outsource. That means that everything you need to create or elevate your online presence we do in house. No outsourcing, total quality control and reduced lead times.

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As an associate of Mindful Directory, Access MBCT or the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, you can benefit from discounted rates on all the services we provide. Our packages are flexible and will be put together to suit your specific needs. If now is the time to develop a logo and brand for your mindfulness business and you wish to have only a simple webpage to promote your teaching online, we can design and develop just that. If in future these needs change as your business evolves, we can continue to offer preferential rates for onward design, build and development, enabling your online presence to grow as you do.

You may have noticed we have not listed specific prices and there is a good reason for that. The flexible, customer-first approach we take means each project is completely bespoke. We will only sell you the items and services that you want and need, and that is how the cost of a project is determined. You will only pay for what you’ll use, nothing else.

We aim to keep our commissioning process as straightforward as possible. There will typically be an initial consultation, which will lead to an estimation of costs, followed by the commencement of works on the project. Initial ideas are shared, an agreement is reached on the final design direction before we commence and complete your project. Turnaround time can be as little as 2 weeks, depending on the nature of the project and its component parts.

To learn more, get in touch today using the contact form below, and please remember to outline your affiliation with Mindful Directory, Access MBCT or the Oxford Mindfulness Centre to take advantage of our discounted rates.

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