design, print, distribution

ZEISS approached us to design, produce and distribute a direct mail campaign in support of their extraordinary client conference, ‘Seeing Beyond’. The brief for the luxury invitations was simple. They should be interesting, premium and build a sense of intrigue and excitement.

We selected GF Smith Colorplan papers for this premium print project, in White Frost and Sapphire Blue, which were duplexed to form a unique and impressive initial luxury invitation. These were followed up with what you see here, a detailed printed itinerary for the exclusive event, delivered in style.

The event was titled ‘Seeing Beyond’ and we took the opportunity to create a hand-finished die-cut wallet, allowing the recipients to do just that, see beyond. This clever deployment of a classic print finishing technique allowed just a glimpse of what was inside the sleeve, delivering the required sense of intrigue to the package of assets.

This project also provided a fantastic opportunity to bring to life a truly iconic image, the very first photograph of planet Earth, captured as a complete sphere and suspended in space. It was taken on 24th December 1968 by William Anders during the Apollo 8 mission. He used a heavily modified Hasselblad camera, featuring a custom ZEISS Sonnar 250mm telephoto lens.