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The Giant Jigsaw Company approached us with a brief to turn their idea into a brand identity. The Giant Jigsaw Company was born in Birmingham in 2018. Billed as the ultimate team-building exercise, and with interest building, the time had come to move out from the shadows. It was a privilege to work on a brand from a truly blank sheet of paper. We pieced together some elegant hand-drawn illustrations with bold, yet soft, primary colours. Coupled with a modern, sharp typeface we have brought to the table a brand identity that is playful yet professional, exactly what the Giant Jigsaw’s team were looking for. 

The logo is immediately recognisable, putting the product front and centre. Working well with the larger lock-up it is also strong enough to be deployed as an individual icon. In tandem with developing their brand identity, we were also asked to design and build a website. It had to be clearly identifiable as a Giant Jigsaw Company product, and more importantly, simple to use. A smooth, effortless user experience is packaged within a simple single-page design that drives users to make an enquiry.


As a new business finding its feet, the Giant Jigsaws team didn’t think they could afford a website as part of their initial development of the brand identity, but by taking advantage of our new start-up rate card and our highly skilled graphic design and web development teams, they were able to do just that.


At greyrabbit, we’re proud to support new businesses with simple, cost-effective solutions across all of our services, be it logo design, developing a brand identity or web design and development. We are also proud to offer an open and honest approach to hosting and maintaining your website once it’s built. If you’d like to know more about our services or find out how we can create, or elevate, your online presence, get in touch at today.