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Brand Identity & Website Build: FLOW for ALL

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FLOW for ALL (Forces Literary Organisation Worldwide), is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a safe space online for anyone affected by war, including friends and family, to share their thoughts and feelings with like-minded people. They had noticed that the existing website hadn’t seen much traffic in recent months, but the need for an online safe space for people to talk and openly share their thoughts and feelings without judgement was still as needed as ever. They felt that using an outdated website with limited functionality was hindering them from moving forward, so reached out to us with a request for a more contemporary version of their website, as well as a new logo and brand identity.

After meeting and discussing expectations from the new brand identity, we set to work designing FLOW for ALL’s new logo. Once the brand guidelines were established we were able to get on with designing their new website, ensuring that the vast catalogue of previously written poems and stories was successfully transferred to the new site.


Logo concept creation.

During the development of the brand identity, we were mindful of the fact that most service users would need the new website to be reassuringly familiar and that they may also find traditional armed forces colours or symbols distressing.


FLOW logo and brand palette.

Using negative space, we created a logo that incorporated both service personnel and a pen nib, a classic literary symbol to give a sense of reassured familiarity to service users. Complementary blue and orange colourways are a key part of the brand identity and are used to create attractive but neutral visuals, steering away from the traditional armed forces colour palettes.


” FLOW’s new website, with improved user functionality and contemporary design…”

We rebuilt their website, offering a fully responsive, contemporary design and improved SEO and user functionality. The new site features user accounts with the ability to submit their own poems and stories, and to find and comment on previously posted literature easily. We have added contribution buttons across the site so that people can donate towards the continued running and success of the charity.


The new logo with brandmark incorporated

Head to to visit their new website, experience the brand identity and learn more about how they provide a much-needed and appreciated space for Ex-service people and their families.

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