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Branding – The Sweet Potato Spirit Co.

By August 30, 2019August 23rd, 2023No Comments

The Sweet Potato Spirit Company approached us with their vision of producing pure, artisan spirits made with premium Sweet Potatoes and wanted to make sure the branding exercise created a product that would stand out in an already saturated market. Their story began with a deep love for Sweet Potatoes and the desire to push the boundaries of taste and texture to take the humble sweet potato to a higher level.


Luckily for us, they brought along their very first batch of S.P Moonshine, so naturally, we demanded a tipple before we could really immerse ourselves into the project.

Inspired by the artisan nature of the spirits, we wanted to retain the handmade characteristics throughout the branding and take the customer on their very own journey whilst enjoying the spirits. We created a hand-drawn logo mark that feels both quirky and sophisticated and helps tell the story of the brand. The design of the logo led us to create a suite of labels for the initial drinks range, which complemented the branding. All of the 11 labels are hand drawn with their own unique typography style to complement the flavours of the spirits. As time has progressed we’ve continued to help establish the brand identity, designing exhibition stands, festival banners and take-away packaging amongst other things.


The branding has been met with ‘oooohs & ahhhhhs’ from the spirit sector and journalists alike. Our designs have helped The Sweet Potato Spirit Company secure enviable shelf space in some of the most prestigious stores around the UK. We continue to work as an extension of their team in developing new designs for spirit lines and packaging.

We believe a great brand mark should tell a story, and, we’re sure you all agree, that The Sweet Potato Spirit Company has a great story to tell. Here’s to the next chapter!